Raffle Sheets

What if I don’t have an AirPrint Printer?

Printers that advertise the AirPrint feature can be printed to directly from iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) – but there are also several software solutions available (such as Printopia) which can be installed on a computer on your home network to turn any normal printers into an AirPrint printer.  Most decent wireless printers sold in 2019 and later have the AirPrint feature. Color Laser printers are not nearly as expensive as they used to be and offer the best value in terms of speed, quality and longevity and give your raffles a professional appearance. You also have the option to “share” any game sheet via text message, e-mail or AirDrop as either a PDF file or a PNG image.  Transfer it to your desktop computer using one of those mechanisms (or to a friend) and then simply print it the same way you would print any other document!

Where can I get a compatible Printer?

Anywhere printers are sold.  Amazon is always a good place to look.  They have an unmatched selection and offer printers at several different price points.  Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and Canada Computers also sell printers and occasionally have better prices than Amazon.

Any AirPrint capable printer will do – but to print out Rainbow games, a color printer is required.

How do I know if I have a compatible printer?

If you can print from any other app on your iPhone or iPad, you can print from Raffle Sheets!

If you have a printer at home but can’t print from your iOS device – take a look at Printopia – it’s software that essentially turns any printer into an AirPrint capable printer.

When will Raffle Sheets be available?

Raffle Sheets has been in Development since December 2019 and has finally entered it’s first Beta Test period with outside users on September 1st 2020.  If no problems are found during our beta testing, we expect it to be available on the App Store by December 2020.

If you’d like to participate in one of our beta tests, send us an e-mail!

Is Raffle Sheets free?

No.  Not exactly.  RaffleSheets offers a free 2-week trial period during which all features and capabilities are unlocked and available to try out.  After the trial period, most of the functionality will be locked and only Normal Bingo will be available without a subscription.

If all you play is Normal Bingo, In-App Purchases are not required in order to use Raffle Sheets, however they do provide a way for users who like our products to support us and the continuous development of new features and improvements to our apps.

What size are the printed game sheets?

All of our game sheets print out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  If you want to print in legal size, your printer may be able to enlarge the page to fit, but our game sheets have been designed and tested to look best when printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Why is Houdini Bingo only available with up to 17 lines?

In the interest of fairness, and sticking to a ball set with less than 100 balls, our Houdini game sheets are only available with 10 to 17 lines. In Houdini games, 2 numbers are often – but not always – called simultaneously. That is to say, that when a number is called, it’s reverse is also called at the exact same time. For example, if 14 is pulled, then both 14 and 41 are considered “called numbers” simultaneously – but not all of the numbers in the hopper can be reversed (ie: 11, 22, 33, 49, etc). In a 75-ball hopper, there are 21 numbers that are not reversible and 54 numbers that are. A Houdini game board is not considered to be “fair” for all players if some lines contain multiple non-reversible numbers OR if some lines contain 2 numbers that are reverses of each other (ie 24 and 42). Our Houdini boards solve this problem by randomly assigning a single unique (not reversible) number to each line – and then removing the remaining “unique” balls from play. The remaining 4 numbers for each line are randomly generated in such a way that makes it impossible for a line to have 2 numbers that reverse each other.

When you play your Houdini games within the Raffle Sheets app, only the numbers that are in play go into the hopper – and when a Houdini numbers is called – both balls (ie 14 and 42) are removed from the hopper.  This makes for less boring games since there is never a number called which has already been dabbed or which doesn’t exist on any cards.  Our animations also show both Houdini numbers being dabbed simultaneously.  Try it!

Will RaffleSheets run on my device?

RaffleSheets runs on any iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro that is running iOS 13.3 or later.

It doesn’t run on the iPhone.  It doesn’t run on Android devices.  It *may* also run on Mac laptops in the near future.


Raffle Calc

Why Raffle Calc?

Raffle Calc is a simple, yet useful app we created in under a week.  It’s main reason for existence was so that we at Balls Master could test Apple’s App submission process and discover everything we needed to do in order to make our apps available on the App Store.

Most people can do the simple math that Raffle Calc does in their heads – and most people do it in their heads twice in order to make sure they didn’t make a mistake the first time.  Raffle Calc eliminates the need to think about math and provides the correct answer quickly and accurately.

Now that we are familiar with Apple’s App Store submission process, expect to see some of our *real* apps available in the near future!